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Home Theatre

High-resolution home theatre systems to deliver the finest live entertainment experience into your living room

Custom Built

Drawing from the world’s most advanced technologies, the Custom Theatre ranges are designed with one aim in mind: to lift you out of your seat and throw you into the heart of the action.

Cinema Studio

The acoustics of the room are crucial in ensuring that everyone can properly hear the discourse, regardless of where they are situated. We put together the greatest team to give you with acoustic consulting services.

Life Style Audio

We are offering Lifestyle Audio solutions that best meet consumer needs by combining premium audio technology with industry-first features for more seamless and personalized listening experiences in the home, on the go and for all everyday activities.

A/v consultation

We are dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind, personalised customer experience. Whether you're a seasoned audio/video aficionado or simply want to add some smart technology to your home, we can assist you.

Multiroom Audio

If you're looking for a multi-room audio system or just want to learn more about what it is and what it can do for you, you've come to the right spot.

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Best Pricing

Our professionals promise that all of your A/V needs will be met with faultless perfection and convenience. Simply send us your request and we'll take care of the rest. Our crew also has expertise in acoustics, theatre seating, lighting, automation, and other areas.

Best in Class Warranty

Your decision to choose product or service wont go wrong. We provide years of warranty and onsite service for service we provide.

Latest Technology

Home theatres are stoning up round the sector and taking amusement to an entire new place. It`s exciting, and what`s more, it`s pretty inside your attain too. With the ultra-modern ultra-modern technology, they may be custom designed to fit your needs, your finances and your home.

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Building a home theater system is a dream for many homeowners. Sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to define a system that will transform your property.

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A typical home theater system comprises of

  • 1. Speakers: Front stage speakers , surround speakers, effect speakers and subwoofer Ranging from 5.1 Surround sound to 11.2 surround sound.
  • 2. An AV receiver.
  • 3. A source player like DVD player or Blu-ray player.
  • 4. Projectors or flat panel televisions like Plasma or LCD.

A 360 degree sound experience representing screen related activities in front speakers (front left, center, front right) and OFF- screen activities in surround speakers. The 360 degree sound experience should be in strict co-relation to the video events On-screen and Off- screen.

High Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) during movie playback can cause loose surface to rattle. All furniture should be free of loosely held components to prevent clutter and rattle. Glass should not be used liberally in theater environments.

Room size, room proportions, acoustic surfaces(absorption and reflection), speaker positions, distances from walls, seating positions, screen size, viewing angles.


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